Location Independent Jobs: 5 Benefits of Working Remotely

Location Independent Jobs 5 Benefits of Working Remotely

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At some point, you may find yourself needing or wanting to work a location independent job. Deciding to ditch the traditional onsite 9 to 5  can be a very scary decision. Even though it can be a scary decision, it can also be an extremely rewarding one.

Location independent jobs offer many benefits. I will discuss some of the most important that I have discovered.

Benefits of Location Independent Jobs

#1. Better Work-Life Balance:

To me this is the best perk of working location independent jobs. Working remotely has given me so much freedom.
For the most part, it has allowed me to set my own work hours. Of course there are still project deadlines that need to be met, but I have greater control and flexibility on when and where to work those hours. I’m no longer stuck in the traditional 9 to 5 rut. It has allowed me to work around my personal life and the needs of my family.

#2. Work from Anywhere:

I mean, literally work from anywhere. Work from your home or work from the beach. Complete work tasks while sitting by the pool. Work at 3AM if you so desire. You can even work while waiting for your children at sports practice or any of their other extra curricular activities. The point is, when you work location independent jobs, you can work wherever and whenever the time is right for you.

#3. Save Time and Money:

When working location independent jobs, you no longer have to commute or spend money unnecessarily on items such as fuel for your vehicle, corporate attire, childcare, etc. Many people commute a minimum of 30 minutes each way to their job. Not having to commute can alone give you back at least an extra hour in your day every day to do other things that you enjoy.

#4. Greater Levels of Satisfaction:

In my experience, location independent jobs are far less stressful and have a greater level of personal satisfaction and happiness. This happiness and satisfaction has filtered down to many other aspects of my life. I’m all around just a happier person and way less tired. I now have the energy to do things that I just didn’t have before.

#5. Tax Benefits:

Location independent jobs provide incredible tax benefits. You are able to write off equipment (computers, printers, cell phones), supplies and even a portion of your home or car if they are used for business purposes. Utility bills are also partially tax deductible.

I have listed a few of the most important benefits that I find from working location independent jobs. What are other benefits that you have found?

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