Before Applying For a Job Follow These 5 Steps For Success

Before Applying For a Job Follow These 5 Steps For Success

You just found what seems to be your perfect work from home job. Yay! You can’t wait to apply. Hold on… I’m going to stop you right there. Instead of jumping right in and applying for a job immediately, it’s important to first slow down and take a moment to carefully prepare. Following our 5 steps will improve your chances of getting that perfect job offer. Preparing before applying will help you to form a better job application strategy that will get you noticed by employers.

Follow these 5 preparation steps before applying for a job:

  • #1. Do Company Research

    Before applying for a job, view the company’s website and do a simple Google search on the company. Take a minute and read through their about, news, and career pages. If they have public employee pages and a blog read some of that too. Researching the company, will not only allow you to determine if the company and job are legitimate, but it will also help you to get a better idea of the company’s mission and culture so that you can better market yourself as being a fit for them.

  • #2. Learn All You Can About the Job

    Study the job listing carefully. Make note of important keywords used in the job responsibilities, descriptions, and skills sections. Then tailor the experience on your resume using those same keywords. Be sure experience that you list, is experience that you actually have. Don’t use a generic, one size fits all resume. Each job is different. Your resume for each job should be too.

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  • #3. Understand the Job’s Expectations

    Know what the expectations are of the job. Are you required to be online during certain hours? Do you have to work over the weekend? Are you required to work some hours onsite? Do you need to attend online meetings at certain times? Before applying for a job, it’s important to make sure you can meet and understand all the employer’s expectations.

  • #4. Ensure That Your Skills Match the Jobs You Apply For

    This is a biggie. Don’t waste your’s or the employer’s time applying for a job that you don’t have the skills to do. This is even more important when applying for work from home jobs, because you will be working more independently. With remote jobs you don’t have a coworker in close proximity readily available to mentor you.

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  • #5. Update and Improve All Your Social Media Profiles

    Most employers will look at your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn. Before applying for a job, be sure to update all social media to display only items that you want employers to see. It’s very important to update LinkedIn with your most recent work experience, projects, skills, and education. Only highlight positive facts about you. You can even add a video of yourself, so that potential employers can get a chance to know you.

Following the 5 steps above before applying for a job, will help you stand out when compared to other job seekers. This may take a little more time, but it will definitely be worth it.

We hope you found our Before Applying For a Job Follow These 5 Steps For Success article beneficial to your remote job search!

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